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Photo: Lauren Keswick

"Music moves the world..."

Tony Low, a founding member of the renowned garage-psychedelic pop band The Cheepskates, has been writing and recording his songs since the 1980’s. After several years in The Cheepskates and more recently Static 13, Tony went solo in 1998. “I think I play real music for unreal times. My songs definitely capture a spirit or mood which most everyone can relate to and each tune stands on its own.”

The Cheepskates recorded and released several acclaimed albums and EP’s from 1984 through 1991. The band was included in the fourth edition of the Trouser Press Record Guide, where rock journalist Dave Sprague called their music “…a timeless pleasure.”

In 2000, Dandelion in the Year of the Rooster was released. The six-song EP featured songs about time, lost love, and hope. The highlights of the disc are “Falling Away,” an upbeat rocker that ties in time travel with a soured love affair, and “This Country Needs A War,” Tony’s answer to the infamous school shootings, which now seems oddly prophetic in the wake of the 9/11 tragedy.

Sleight Of Hand, Tony’s full-length, 12-song opus was released in 2002. Included are standouts such as “I Will Listen,” “Girl,” “Rat Behind the Wall,” “Another Suit,” and “Rev” (which is also a featured tune on the International Pop Overthrow Vol. 5 compilation on Not Lame Records). There is also a cover version of Phil Ochs’ country & western-tinged “Chords Of Fame.”

The recording sessions on Tony’s next long-awaited album will begin in earnest in September, 2006. It’s untitled at this point, but will be about “searching and finding your destination…. “Sleight of Hand’ was more about heartbreak and loss. The next one will be very different, a bit more hopeful…”, Tony says. This album is slated to be released in early 2007. Fans can sneak-preview “In This Life”, which has already been recorded at Greensboro’s Earthtones Recording studios, on Tony’s website (see below). Till then, we’ll just have to keep on grooving to “Dandelion…” and “Sleight of Hand”. But fear not, the BEST is yet to come!

Click HERE to go directly to the new CD SLEIGHT OF HAND!

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